Four Ways Thai Production Companies Can Help Your Film Crew

Four Ways Thai Production Companies Can Help Your Film Crew

It’s fair to say that film has, in a little more than a century, gone from novelty to arguably the most universally consumed and shared art form on the planet. No matter who you are or where you come from, there is every chance that you’ve seen your fair share of Marvel Movies, Star Wars, Disney, and other global filmmaking forces.

Of course, there’s a lot more to the world of cinema than these major studios and franchises, as every country has its own proud filmmaking tradition. Think of Italian cinema, and you’re able to call to mind everything from the Neorealism of Rossellini to the glories of Fellini, Antonioni, Mastroianni, Loren, and the other kings and queens of the Italian New Wave. Think of French cinema and the names are no less illustrious: Renoir, Demy, Varda, Truffaut, Deneuve, Depardieu, and so many more. Think of Indian cinema, and you’ll be able to get up and dance to Bollywood musical numbers.

Thailand is fast joining the ranks of Asia’s hottest filmmaking traditions. The nation is looking to welcome foreign crews to the film in the country. If you are looking into filming in Thailand, you’ll want to seek out help from film production crews who can help you out in the following ways.

  1. Preproduction Assistance

Before a single reel of film can be shot, there is a massive amount of preproduction work that needs to be completed. For example, you will need all manner of different sets, props, and costumes completed. You’ll need to have any concept models and storyboards necessary for these processes completed ahead of time as well. The best film production companies in Thailand can help your film crew get all of this work completed in good time with the help of their own trained experts.

  1. Securing Shooting Rights

You’ll also need to be sure that you have the right to be able to film in the locations in which you wish to shoot. That means obtaining film permits. However, if you are new to Thailand, chances are you do not have the legal or logistical insight necessary to obtain these easily, and you certainly don’t want to waste valuable shooting time waiting around whilst trying to acquire them yourself. That’s why the best film production team in Thailand can help your crew by obtaining these shooting rights on your behalf.

  1. Filming Assistance

Lights, camera, action! With preproduction complete and your filming permits in hand, it’s time to start making some movie magic. The best film production team in Thailand can provide cameras and crewmembers to assist in the filming of your movie.

  1. Distribution Services

Of course, finishing your film won’t count for much if you can’t get the rights to have it distributed. That’s why the best film production houses in Thailand boast legal teams specifically dedicated to helping film crews obtain and utilize these distribution rights.

Join the hot Thai film scene with the help of the best film production companies for foreign filmmakers in the country.