Nightlife and the Smartest Times Now

Nightlife and the Smartest Times Now

This is a very sought after spot, ranking second in Toronto in size and popularity. Moreover, in 2018 the market was recognized as the best object, the food sector, in the world. There are two buildings here, each of which is completely different. The northern building serves as a territory for farmers’ markets, and also sells antiques and products. But the southern part of the market serves as a place for grocery stores, restaurants, butcher shops and bakeries. Therefore, it is already worth deciding what you are going to buy.

As a tourist, we went around absolutely everything that we spent a lot of time on, but we received much more pleasure. First we visited the farmer’s market, bought all the necessary products, and then went to the southern part, settled in a cozy cafe, rested, drank a cup of coffee with a donut, and continued my excursionalthough, many tourists do not even have a whole day to go around such a huge area. For me, the market has become just a giant shopping center, which has everything you need. First of all, the scale of the market is striking, and then the range of goods, since here the freshest products are in all of Toronto.

Woodbine Racecourse

  • Woodbine is a honeysuckle, the logo of the hippodrome, opened in Toronto in 1956.
  • In 1976, thanks to the Paralympic Games held here, the hippodrome gained even greater popularity. Purebred horse races are held here according to a specially developed program of races. But, basically, this is entertainment for the rich, since the prices here are quite high.
  • Owners of horses not only receive excellent fees, but also valuable prizes.
  • After an extensive renovation in 1993, Woodbine has become an even more popular destination for equestrian enthusiasts, and now, netting is held here at three racetracks at the same time.

Bar of truth and vodka

  • Very original establishment with the appropriate name. As many have already understood, the interior of the bar is stylized according to old times, although it has nothing to do.
  • This is an ideal place for a good time by small companies, because both the atmosphere and drinks are excellent for this.
  • This is a premium establishment with periodically tasting drinks, as well as interesting entertainment programs.
  • In addition, the bar has a special reservation program, with which visitors can book a bar for banquets, weddings, corporate parties and other themed parties. You can go for the Toronto Nightlife there also.

Amusement park Fantasy Fair

This is a great indoor park at Woodbine Shopping Center. All year round, the park is open for family visits. There are nine family attractions, as well as three playrooms, including rooms for the smallest, and attractions for adults. Children really like puppet shows, clown performances, as well as theme parties, which are constantly held in the park.