Studio Irma depicts exactly what the Moco Museum wants to be

Studio Irma depicts exactly what the Moco Museum wants to be

Things are moving so fast at the Moco Museum in Amsterdam. After the opening in 2016, many art lovers have already found their way to this museum that is unique in all respects. This has to do with the special artists that the museum managed to attract, but also with the truly unique location of the museum.

A unique boutique museum in a great location

First let’s talk about the location, the famous villa Alsberg in Amsterdam. This villa dates from 1904 and the mansion was one of the first houses to be privileged to be located on the Museumplein. Designer Eduard Cuypers has delivered craftsmanship, because the villa still has a fantastic appearance. And the Moco Museum takes full advantage of that appearance. It is counted among the boutique museums because of the space. However, the modern art on display can best be described as grand.

Just the way modern art should be

The main role within the museum is reserved for Studio Irma, artists who depict exactly what Moco wants to show; modern and very contemporary art for a very broad target group. These artists offer modern art that you don’t easily see elsewhere. Under the heading ‘Reflecting Forward’ you will see brightly colored lights, dance and music and you will be amazed by the interactive artworks. Studio Irma brings dreams to life, offers almost infinitely variable spaces and ethereal works of art that are also able to communicate with each other. Studio Irma offers modern art that appeals to everyone. It gives a certain happiness. And that too in a unique location.

Museum wants to appeal to the widest possible target group

With special thanks to Studio Irma and a unique collection of works of art from the impressive international network, the Moco Museum is clearly making progress. Art lovers find their way to the Museumplein more and more easily and those who visit, without exception, all come back. The museum wants to appeal to the widest possible target group and for that reason the initiators mainly want to keep it accessible. The tickets are not expensive, the outdoor area is also very special and once inside everyone feels more than welcome. A visit to the museum is worthwhile in every way. Even people who don’t like art that much experience a visit to the museum as something special. Although this can of course also be due to the unique location in Amsterdam.