How to Host a Murder Mystery Party Games Online

If you are starting to get bored and run out of ways to keep yourself busy during this COVID-19 pandemic, just remember that you are not alone. After all, how many television shows, video games, and movies can you enjoy before boredom starts to get to you?

At the very least, this pandemic has taught people the positive effect of technology, with Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or Skype, offering people interact with their loved ones who make their world a better and brighter place. If you are longing for more interaction, then it is time to get pretty creative.

The appeal of murder mystery parties is all about the drama it brings to the occasion. Guests can play dress up and pretend to be their favorite character in an alternate world for a couple of hours, which is very helpful in these terrible times, doesn’t it?

While health protocols like social distancing are in full effect, people can still meet and host a murder mystery party on the Internet. According to experts, this is how you can host an unforgettable murder mystery party even if you are all alone in your house.

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Step One: Pick the perfect theme

From the plot to the players involved, picking the right theme will set the night’s tone. Every game is designed for a certain number of players so that every guest plays an integral part in the mystery with their own unique stories. While companies usually offer Ghost Ship Parties, where in-character representatives run the event, physical clues, as well as provide instructions for the guests, these companies now host a pandemic-friendly mystery on the Internet using the same concept.

Five mystery games are available for online play: The Murder in the West Wing with six players, Mafia with seven players, Western with ten players, and That Show About Love with ten players. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of companies have released pandemic-friendly experiences with games specifically designed and tested to be played via video chat platforms.

Step Two: Assign the characters

What is more fun than picking the theme for the game than choosing what character to play? Given how most people feel stuck in their houses right now, the opportunity to play out a stranger’s role is quite thrilling. Assign character roles to players and send the character profiles. With most games, the host can play without spoiling the game. With online games, there’s no preparation or printing before the start of the game.

Meanwhile, some games provide hosts with a quick survey to assign the right characters for them. Then the manufacturer can send out character lists, as well as individual character secrets, so participants can come to video chat rooms in costume if they like, and the murderer can make up lies for the game.

Hosts need to make sure that their players review the character bis and the suspect list before the big event. Some games will provide players with a set of tasks to contact each other before the game (of course, they need to be in character). It can build pre-game excitement for both the host and players.

Step Three: Gather the backdrop and costume

Hosts will need to think about their costumes and backdrop for their characters. Video chat platforms have free virtual backdrops, which is pretty fun for both before and during the mystery game. As for getting into and staying in character, make sure to go all out with hair and makeup. Gather costumes using things around the house or order something brand new if you have a lot of time.

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Step Four: Choose the time, day, and video chat platform

Get all the logistic issues taken care of as soon as every guest is on board to take part in the Online murder mystery game. Agree on what video chat platform to use, and pick the time and date that works for everyone.

Step Five: Backdrops and costumes

For parties, every player needs to log on. It is hysterical when every guest gets to see each other’s costumes and backdrop. As a good host of this experience, you will be tasked with reading player instructions to every participant. If the group tries out the virtual game experience, they will be accompanied by representatives, who will serve as minor characters and guide them. It allows the hosts to play with their guests.

Step Six: Seek and share information

Unlike in-person murder mystery parties, people cannot exchange vital information with other participants by whispering in their ears. Instead, these private conversations will take place through FaceTime, mobile phone calls, or text messages. Here, participants will trade vital information and work with other guests.

If they prefer, cheat, gossip, and lie to solve the game before the time is up. Various online experiences can offer specialized steps before everyone starts accusing a murderer, but they usually involve information as evidence to be discussed. For this kind of experience, every game has forensic reports to discuss and review before participants reveal who they think the suspect is.

Step Seven: Accuse the murderer

At this point of the game, the participants are probably laughing like there is no tomorrow or intently trying to find out and pin down who they think is the murderer. The final fun has finally arrived! Every player will need to make a guess as to who is the murderer is.

For some murder mystery party games, the host will have every participant write down their answers on a piece of paper. They need to flash their answers on the screen together. They need to do it all at once to avoid changing answers.

Once the murderer is revealed, they can share their experiences with other players, explain why they chose who they did, talk about anecdotes from the game. Murder Mystery Party games are pretty exciting to do during these times. Just make sure that every participant is in the game and follows every instruction the host will provide.