2021 movie dirty Hari is trending around Telegu people

2021 movie dirty Hari is trending around Telegu people

In recent times, the Telegu film industry has seen immense growth, especially in OTT platforms. Because of the worldwide pandemic, it has become almost impossible for us to go to the theatre and watch our favorite hero or heroine movies. That’s why the digital platform has become a savior for us. Now we can watch Telugu movies online anytime and anywhere on our mobile or laptop.

Dirty Hari- must watch for Telugu movie lovers.

One of the most trending movies of the Telegu industry in 2020 is Dirty Hari which was released on the OTT platform aha. M.S Hari directed this fantastic movie. You will find Ruhani Sharma, Shravan Reddy, Keshav Deepak, Simrat Kaur playing the lead roles in the film, dirty Hari. This is one such movie that will drive you and will shock you at the same time. The genre of the movie is Erotic thriller. There are very few Indian directors who make a movie of this genre.

Talking about the lead role, Hari’s character is very greedy, especially with money, women, and fame. The entire movie is based on Hari’s life and happenings only.

In this movie, you will find that they have used various phrases that are pretty straightforward to what other movies usually deliver.

The acting done by all the actors and actresses in the movie is excellent, and you will notice how the actress carries herself in the entire film. The actors have done their job very well in the film.

This movie shows that every teen will wish to watch, which cannot happen if the movie wasn’t released on the OTT platform. But luckily, this movie was released online, and everyone can watch it at home with all the proper safety precautions.


Dirty Hari movie online is rated 5.8 out of 10, which is quite a good rating, and you should watch it. This movie can be watched in Telegu, and if you don’t know, then subtitles are always a savior. This movie consistently portrays the emotional and decent character which Hari plays, which you will witness by the end of the film only. The bedroom scenes in the movie will make you erotic as hell. It is shot very beautifully and obviously.

The direction done by MS Raju is appreciable. The type of promotions done before the movie’s release has got more attention for the film even before its release.

Ending note

We all are quite aware of how OTT platforms have taken over the digital world, especially the movie industry. And one such fantastic platform is Aha. The movies or short films you find in Aha will make you want to watch more movies. As because of the pandemic, such ott platforms prove to be a life savior only. Get your aha subscription, and I swear you will not regret it because it has fantastic content for movies and shows.