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Life is all about space and time. Movies are the windows that allow us to escape from our mundane or stressful reality and enter into others’ minds, live the life we have only been dreaming of even if it is for a couple of hours. When it comes to Bollywood movies, we do more than just escaping a hard life. We laugh, we cry, we dance on the road in the rain, and beat a bulky guy to a pulp.

Then there are movies that torture the audience to no end and offer no entertainment at all. How do we know if the upcoming movie is ‘Paisa Vasool’? Don’t you think an honest review of upcoming Bollywood films would save us from 3 hours of boredom? Well, Viu has granted your wish with original Hindi comedy web series Paisa Vasool.

Viu, a video service debuted in Hong Kong has over 20 million viewers and active users in South Asia. That speaks for the content quality, freshness, and the endless entertainment Viu series provide. Along with Viu original web series, viewers can also enjoy certain movies on Viu online and Viu app free of charge. Youth and web series generation in India has already taken the liking to Viuoriginals. What’s more, they actually have a whole series talking about the latest Bollywood reviews.

Paisa Vasoolis not your usual, safe Bollywood comedy but quite the opposite. Anchors MahnazDamania and DeepalDoshidepict the reviews of every upcoming Bollywood movies. Theseare not just the opinion of the show hosts. The experts all over the world join the show and tip in their comments and inputs about the movie. That’s what makes Paisa Vasool an honest and popular program among the severalHindi movie review shows onlineand a show, which stands out from the crowd of the same old drama shows.

Movie buffs, Bollywood fans, and pals planning for the weekend do nothead to the ticket counter before you know for sure if the movie is Paisa Vasool. Even though the movie seems to disappoint you, the light-hearted humor of the show will surely fix your mood.

If you are looking for some light-hearted comedy in a screen full of drama, you will be happy to know that your search for the right type of program ends right here! Watch Paisa Vasoolonline freeViu online or stream episodes on Viu app. Now, pure entertainment is just a few clicks away and available at the time you prefer!