Best Of Vijayashanti Movies All Time Hits

Best Of Vijayashanti Movies All Time Hits

If you are not a fan of Vijayashanti here in aha cinema we will be presenting you with her top 3 movies of all time that you should watch as a means of getting to know her better.

On the other hand, if you are already a fan and are looking to know more about her work this article will be very helpful to you too. As Vijayashanti has a career of over 4 decades in the movie business she has plenty of movies made and it could be hard to navigate through her infinite amount of work.

So, to make things easier for you we have put together a list of movies which we think will give a good representation of her brilliant acting skills and also some of her best movies that she has ever done. And there are many more Telugu movies and web series in aha, watch here.

1.     Kartavyam

Kartavyam is a movie that is set in a political environment, where corruption is predominant in the area. The movie follows Vjayanthi (Vijayashanti) who plays the role of an upright assistant superintendent cop.

The movie depicts the struggles that she has to go through, doing everything in her power to deal with a corrupt leader named Muddukrishnayya and his son Chakravarthi’s wrongdoings.

As Charkravarthi assaulted a woman, she sets out to ensure that justice is served for his wrongdoing.

2.     Gang Leader

Just as its title suggests, the movie is related to gangs and is an action-packed movie one that is enjoyable to watch is you are a fan of action genre movies.

The movie is built around 3 brothers, Raghupathi (Murali Mohan), Raghava (Sarath Kumar) and Rajaram (Chiranjeevi), it follows the story of Rajaram who is an unemployed man.

One day, his elder brother Raghupati got killed by a mafia group known for doing hits for money as Rajaram finds out that it wasn’t an accident he sets out to look for the truth.

Vijayashanti plays the role of Kanyakumari who got acquainted with Rajaram after she got kicked out of her place for not paying rent.

3.     Kondaveeti Donga

Kondaveeti Donga is a movie set in a village that is run by the local mafia where illegal activities are run and political corruption goes unchecked.

Kondaveeti Donga played by Chiranjeevi, returns home to his village and seeing all these sufferings that have happened to the village causes him to take the role of someone who brings justice upon all these criminals.

In all this chaos, Sri Lekha Vijayashanti plays the role of undercover police who is appointed to capture Kondaveeti Donga.

If you are interested in watching these movies you can stream them at aha movies as well as various other Telugu genres of movies.

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