Experience a different Genre by watching movie online

Experience a different Genre by watching movie online

There are varieties of movie genres if you watch a free online movie. All you need to is to just log into a video streaming website like Putlocker and select from category to find the list of the movies available in the particular genre.

Types of movie genres

Besides comedy, action, drama, adventure and fantasy movies, some of the current common movies genres comprise the following.

Online War movies

War movies portray courage, heroism and humility in the midst of adversity and strife. They can contain drama with some intense political statement. War movies normally don’t have a strength on special effects. However. They usually feature remarkable battle scenes that explore a grisly war nature and it’s also lethal aftermath.

Online teen Movies

It is quite obvious that teen films include various themes that imitate the current youth challenges, family issues, teenage romance, and friendship. Of course, the typecast like a popular girl, the rebel, the rock, the geek, the cheerleader, the outcast and the star player, an average girl or boy, the boy next door and the new boy/girl are a good example of teen movies.


The Science-Fiction-Movies

These movies explore frontiers of the civilization, technology and science. Science fiction movies offer the viewers a place of fantasy such as parallel dimension and far-flung planets. Most science fiction movies are normally set on a chaotic scene and severe post-apocalyptic nation that completely differs with a real world. The elements, that encounter with an extraterrestrial life and the freedom struggles against the tyrannical alien, human or invaders.

The Mystery Movies

The mystery movies feature political conspiracies and unsolved crimes mostly provide a perfect points plot points which can leave a viewer on suspense at the end of the movie. The mystery movies either categorized on the closed or open format.

The open format unveils the criminal at the starting of the movies as the scrip is retold. On the other hand, a closed format is similar to the typical detective script that tracks the pursuit of the protagonist of a suspect whose identity is usually unveiled in a completely unexpected fashion.

The Documentary Movies.

The documentary movies are typically shown in movies and cinemas festivals but they are also released on a DVD format. If you’ve decided to watch Putlocker online video streaming site, you will find hundreds of documentary movies. Documentary movies typically focus on various political and social problems in-depth.

 Other documentaries movies are usually based on the true story of certain individuals so as to establish the character portrait. As other documentaries are based on the real-life story of individuals, several fictional narrations are really shot in the documentary style for the convincing effects.