What is an educational film?

Firstly, documentary films, but also fiction films can be very instructive because of their informative content. They allow children to discover new worlds or to take a new look at what they already know.

In documentary films, whether about animals, the earth or history, geography, science, music, colors, there are many very good educational films on movies123  online. If you are looking for a parent or teacher, a free educational film, an original educational film,

A new look at what we know

A high-quality documentary or educational film helps educate young audiences on topics thast are difficult to discuss in class with students. How to make children aware of racism and discrimination? How to talk about disability?

In this context, educational films make it possible to convey difficult messages indirectly and entertainingly. A film can also introduce children to the techniques of images and sounds but we often hear about movies and pedagogy in terms of analysis because a film can be an excellent teaching aid and allow a child to learn while having fun analyzing the elements of a film, the themes, the stories, the characters, the techniques of narration.


Constitute an educational film environment

There are also many interesting pedagogical files and free educational materials designed to accompany teachers in the use of cinema in the classroom, in schools, especially in schools. ARTE and Canopy network (films for primary and secondary students). The analysis of the films is exciting. However, we do not seek to analyze films from this perspective.

What interests us with our selection of children’s movies to gather several poetic and original films whose quality and diversity will constitute an educational environment and an educational tool for teachers and parents. How can a set of films participate in the education of a child?

How can a set of films participate in the education of a child?

Each film of movies123   allows children to see our world with the eyes of another, those of the director. The diversity of films, themes, messages, visual worlds, is important for education because it allows the child to build tastes.

Like books, painting or music, films stimulate the artistic sensibility of children and make you want to invent, experiment, but the films also allow the child, from the youngest age, to have a personal opinion, to know what he likes or dislikes.

A child, during the different stages of his intellectual development, phases of distinction between the outside world and his imagination, build his vision of the world by his real experience with things but also by all the scientific and artistic representations of these things.

See our world with the eyes of another

Thus, later, imbued with the vision, the style of different authors, he may also want to create his representation, or simply to have his vision of the world.