4 Easy Steps to Hosting Your Own Cocktail Party

4 Easy Steps to Hosting Your Own Cocktail Party

Organising a cocktail party is a great way to have an event that stands out from the norm – a cocktail party is suitable for work events, parties, casual get-togethers, and many other occasions. Cocktails are a little different than regular wine and beer service, and you can really make an impression on your guests. Most people don’t have a cocktail bar already set up in their home or office, so you’ll need to create one from scratch or hire a company that sets the bar up for you. If you decide to do it yourself, here are a few tips:

Set up a mobile cocktail bar for classy cocktails

1: Budgeting

Work out your cocktail party budget. Obviously, the amount of money you have for a party will influence which drinks you can buy and how much food you are going to provide (if any). Deciding on your budget ahead of time gives you the opportunity to set limits and make sure you are not breaking the bank with your party. Whether you have an extensive or a limited budget, it is always worth trying to buy premium spirits for the cocktails. Guests can tell the difference, and the price difference between premium and budget brands is often not huge. Cut costs by finding a supplier where you can buy in bulk or on a sale-or-return basis. Shop around for the best deals.

2: Themes

Decide if you want a theme for your cocktail party. It can be easier to plan your drinks menu if you have a theme. For example, a casino or James Bond theme would require Martinis and other upmarket cocktails, while a beach theme needs tropical cocktails and bright accompaniments. The theme will also influence how you decorate the bar. If you are hiring a bar, you can discuss with the company what style of bar and what types of drinks you want. For example, you can hire a stylish, modern-looking bar for a work event, or something more decorative for a family party.

3: Choosing drinks

Decide which cocktails you are going to serve and draw up a drinks menu. The type of cocktails you are providing will be tied into your theme, or, if you don’t have a theme, they can be the cocktails you like to drink yourself. If you are serving the drinks, then make sure you have a practice run-through before the party so you know your guests will be impressed with your cocktail-making skills. Don’t forget to buy the mixers and the decorations for your chosen cocktails.

4: Hiring a specialist

If you want someone else to set up the bar and serve the drinks, hire a mobile cocktail bar service. Make sure you book in advance because the professional companies that provide a good service are often booked weeks or months in advance. Discuss with the company exactly what you need from the bar service, from the style of bar you want to the drinks you are going to serve. Most requests can be catered to, so if you decide not to do it yourself you won’t have to settle for a run-of-the-mill service.